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Feeling burdened with the overwhelming feeling of de-motivation coming from seeing all of your persistent efforts to lose weight, burn body fat and get in the best shape of your life deemed futile?

If you’re tired of being let down with the “Fitness” programs that talk a big game but fail to deliver on their promises, leaving you disappointed and unmotivated or just does NOT fit into your lifestyle – Amplify may be the most important thing you’ve came across this year.

Delivered to you by the #1 Selling Fitness Author, Ex-Marine, Published, experienced fitness expert with years of results, knowledge and proven scientific research behind him, this premium source will teach you everything you could possibly need to efficiently get in the best shape of your life and stay there.

Forget all about the dangerous procedures, tedious, hours long gym workouts that don’t yield results and start seeing real success with Amplify.

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You only live once and living in frustration and disappointment is not the way you should be living your life.

You should be able to get a flatter belly, toned thighs and butt, and have the body you want without having to kill yourself in the process.

What is even more unacceptable is the inability to keep all your results that you work so hard for.


AMPLIFY was designed with the understanding of the specific factors that limit your success or prevent it!

Workout at Home or in a Gym, you will get to choose each week if you can workout 1, 2, 3...4 or 5 days in the week depending on YOUR SCHEDULE!

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My Body-Sculpting Strategies Work

I get so excited when I see someone like you so close to making a game changing decision.

My entire life, I’ve been fighting for women like you. I believe in your power and potential, and I want to be your ultimate advocate.

Transformation comes from setting and exceeding fitness goals, and for years, I’ve helped women like you surpass their own barriers.

Amplify is the accumulation of real life studies on thousands of clients over the last 18 years.  What was discovered are 3 main barriers to long term success.  Most programs only deal with short term successes.

Amplify solves the problem of time.  In reality, time is the most valuable thing that we have.  Even more valuable than money.  Using the most advanced technology Amplify can design and give your workouts according to your current availability in real time.  Plus I coach you how to even make surprises in life not be an issue.

The second obstacle Amplify solves is maximizing results with keeping everything simple.  Today's world of fitness and nutrition has your head spinning with the thousands of variations available today.  What matters is what works for you and how to be successful forever.  We can all agree there is already too much stress in our lives.  Amplify does this by giving detail directions, simple easy to understand education, and workouts that progress you with ONLY the exercises needed to maximize your results.  An extra bonus is you will never need a supplement ever again!

That leads to the third obstacle.  To get a fitness program from one of the top personal trainers in the nation, to get detail attention weekly and workout design to fit your lifestyle, to have a family of people keeping you motivated and accountable, and to become an expert on your fitness, would have a very high price tag.  Hundreds of dollars a month and some cases thousands every year.

When I developed Amplify it had to be affordable for even the single mom who works 2 jobs.  I have huge respect for all women and especially for single moms.  My mom had to raise me and my sister after my dad died.  I had first hand experience of how hard it can be.  

I encourage you join Amplify today.

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Proof AMPLIFY Works

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