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Becca Langford

I just wanted to take a moment to Thank my amazing trainer Warren Martin! I started working with Warren spring of 2015 when I met my now husband. I was training in a group with another trainer when I started noticing my husbands results. I had been wanting to go to the next level in training. I have a lot of issues with my lungs and heart rate going to very high number, I also have joint hyper mobility and tilted pelvis.

I knew as soon as I met Warren that his program was something that I could do in my very busy day to day. I could easily follow his eating plan that taught me the tools I need to be in control of my weight and muscle gain. I didn’t have to eat a crazy diet just sensibly!! I really want to tell you about what he does with your body in motion as a trainer. He can teach you to get the best out of your workouts utilizing every muscle correctly. Sure anyone can do a workout but are you really getting what you need out of the movement…. I wasn’t even using half the muscles I needed to even though I considered myself I pretty descent shape.

I have gained so much knowledge in my journey with Warren. My body has changed tremendously in my time so far and I know it will continue. We still to this day work on the crazy weaknesses my body try’s to throw our way but with a trainer who knows what your body in motion is the sky’s the limit. I am stronger and feel better than I ever thought possible!

Thanks Warren Martin for exceeding my expectations and continuing to!!

Happy Client,

Becca Langford

Stephanie Worthey

I have had the privilege of being trained by Warren Martin during several different seasons in my life. I’m 39 years old and my husband and four children keep me on the go all the time! Warren has been my go-to trainer after each pregnancy and due to each one being c-section, I needed his knowledge and guidance to get back in shape and overcome the tough recovery from the c-section. He was also there for me when I had knee surgery and for the first time in my life could not physically handle “normal” workouts. Warren was a miracle worker and even though my doctor told me that I would be limited from here on out with the knee injury, Warren guided me through the rebuilding of my muscles to support my injury. For the first time in years, I could finally workout and not be in pain afterwards. I’m in awe of Warren Martin’s extensive knowledge with the way a body can work at full capacity when trained properly and fueled with nutritional truths instead of all the myths that are put out there for women! He will always be my ultimate go-to trainer!

Carmen Lane

I used Warren’s programs after having my second child. I lost 27 pounds and my fat percentage dropped significantly. Over the years I have continued working out but was getting in a rut. I needed to lose about 10 pounds and build muscle. I had done the Keto diet which did nothing but destroy my metabolism and cause me to lose hair. I had lost weight but had no muscle mass or metabolism. Of course I gained the weight back because it was unattainable long term. I decided to seek out Warren again to help me get focused on a healthy way to lose weight and build muscle while restoring my metabolism. I lost 10 lbs and my fat percentage went from 27.9% to 19%. I feel healthier and stronger now after completing my time with Warren. I am motivated to continue on this path of healthiness.

Peggie Woodward

I changed my body drastically.
I use Warren’s programs for my main goal to gain muscle and to grow my body. This is not an easy task. I have seen over 9 months my body develop in a way I didn’t even dream possible.
Not only did Warren’s programs make this awesome body transformation but my knowledge on what I was doing and why has increased exponentially. How the processes worked to change my body and the science behind it.
I’ve never met anybody who hunts knowledge, studies and wants to learn to improve himself and his clients with the passion that Warren has.
Thanks to Warren, I have more muscle than I’ve ever had and I will be stepping on the stage for my first bodybuilding competition. Both of which are not short of a miracle in my mind. Yet Warren knew what was possible all along if I followed thru with my training.
Thank you Warren for having these programs so I can be better physically and mentally!

Amanda Downey

In June of 2011, I bought my wedding gown! The dress was a fit-n-flare strapless gown with a sweetheart neckline and corset bodice. I loved everything about it, excpet the way I looked it! When I thought about how I wanted to look on my wedding day, I knew that loosing weight and toning up was in my near future. Warren Martin has trained me in the past and I loved my results! He was definitely the man for the job! Warren knows exactly how to tailor the workout to meet my needs. While lifting weights, he critiques every single repetition to help you recieve the maximum results. Doing the specific exercise correctly not only helps you to target certain muscle groups, prevent injury, but to also correct poor posture. Before working out with Warren, my shoulders wanted to draw forward causing my body to look “slumped” over. I have definitely noticied a significant change in my posture due to the muscles in my back and shoulders being stronger than ever before. It is now easier for me to naturally hold my shoulders back, giving me better posture for my wedding day! Since working out with Warren, I have lost a total of 16.5 lbs and I have achieved far beyond my initial goal. Warren has not only helped me lose weight, but he has given me the wedding look I always wanted! Thanks Warren Martin!

My starting weight was 160.0lbs at 39% body fat and I currently weigh 143.5lbs at 28% body fat.

Tori Miller

I have worked with Warren’s programs several times over the past few years. He always offered great, innovative workouts that got those much desired results. I could always count on him to push me past my fitness plateaus and continue to challenge me physically and mentally.

In March 2016, I suffered a snow skiing injury that resulted in a complete tear of my ACL. After having surgery to repair my knee, getting back to my fitness level seemed to be a daunting task. I had severe muscle atrophy, considerable tendonitis, and walked with a noticeable limp. Along with proper physical therapy and training with Warren I am thankful to say that I am back on the road to being where I would like to be physically. Before, my fitness goals were primarily vain. After surgery my fitness goals became so much more about functioning and being pain-free. He listened, studied and came to each training session with a new technique, stretch, or exercise that would help with the struggle I was dealing with. He is always striving to stay ahead of the curve in this industry. It has been a blessing to have someone with his level of knowledge and commitment right here in central Arkansas.